Your trip is only a few days away. You are packed and ready to go, but you have a few questions you maybe feel silly asking. Here are answers to questions I’ve gotten from clients who are going to an All-Inclusive Resort for the first time.


1. Have all Reservation Information Printed. Check In to your flight early. Most airlines allow you to check in 24hrs before your flight.
2. You may be asked to pay a small fee per person upon arrival for a Tourist Card or Visa which lasts 30-90 days. There also may be a small Departure Tax fee per person but it is usually included in your airfare.
3. Have your reservation information once you come out of immigration and customs. If you have Transfers to the hotel find their desk or their staff members they will help you to your bus and load your luggage. It is customary to tip your driver $1 or $2 per piece of luggage they load. I always never have change, but try to remember to have some to tip the driver. If you did not have Transfers arranged before, grab a taxi.
4. Keep your valuables safe by always leaving them in the Safe.
5. Tipping is not customary at an all-inclusive resort. However, I usually leave $1 or $2 a day for housekeeping every 2 days. Also if there is a particular bartender that takes special care of you I would tip them too after a day or two. If you want the upgraded room, sometimes I have tipped the front desk person $10-$20 to get an upgrade. I usually gauge it though sometimes it’s just not available and there’s nothing they can do. They also sometimes cannot just upgrade you without you paying extra.

6. Book Specialty restaurants and other special Extra Cost Services like spa treatments, excursions or beach photo shoot as soon as you arrive.
7. Bring Essentials like sunblock and chargers otherwise they are very expensive. That’s how they get you. Also, consider bringing your own cup or mug. The cups are pretty small and you will find yourself going up constantly.
8. Take it easy on the Food and the Alcohol. Yes, it’s free but you don’t want to overdo it and get sick.
9. Plan Downtime. You don’t always have to be on the go. In the past, we have utilized room service so we can stay in and we have even asked for things to go so we can have dinner on the beach instead of having to go to a crowded dining hall at dinner. Many resorts have a beach bar so you don’t even have to go to the buffet for lunch.
10. Be prepared to disconnect completely, Wifi although advertised is not always the best.

11. Don’t forget other Free Activities. Resorts have various free activities throughout the day. Also, some resorts offer free kayaking or snorkeling gear. Others free boat rides etc.
12. Dress Code is very casual at most resorts. I would bring a nice dress or skirt and top for women. Khakis and long pants and a polo or sports jacket for men, for a least one night as some of the fancier specialty restaurants have a minimum dress code. Some resorts don’t allow people in the restaurant in bathing suits only or wet bathing suits so a cover-up is a good idea. Other than feel free to wear what you’d like.
I’m so excited for you! Have a wonderful time! Any other tips about All Inclusive Resorts?


Mera lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband Bryan and their two children. She’s always looking for experiences for her family and values any memory making opportunities.

She grew up in the Caribbean as a Methodist Missionary’s daughter and is active in her community and church as a Rotarian and church Mission Chair.

The family squeezes as many trips foreign and domestic into their year and lives a frugal lifestyle to make that happen. In 2011 Mera quit her administrative job in local government and has been raising money for family vacations ever since then.