Legoland Chicago

With Christmas and Christmas break right around the corner Legoland is a fun place families can spend some quality time together.

My family and I went over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I was ready to battle crowds and deal with lack luster displays, however they proved me wrong. We had a wonderful time. Both kids and parents felt like we got our money’s worth.

At $20 for standard admission the price to enter Legoland is pretty steep. They do have a scale based on how many people you are paying for. We paid $34 for my husband and I.  I had a coupon from the Chicago Tribune for free entry for 1 child with every paying adult and kids under 2 get in free.

The Chicago location is located in Schaumburg by the Streets of Woodfield, which is a nice change from many downtown locations that have horrendous traffic and parking issues. Parking is free in the outdoor lot adjacent to Legoland.

We arrived on the Saturday after Thanksgiving at about 11 am, there was no line to purchase tickets. We stopped at the front door to take pictures with Spongebob and Batman.

They did give us the option to collect stamps for an extra $4.50. We opted out of that I think our kids are too young for that. We entered a jungle theme room that was a little on the dark side, my 20 month old was a bit scared. It got much better from there with a city of Chicago lego city and a Star Wars themed room, then an interactive ride. Upstairs there is a lego making guided tour, you get a free lego at the end and a 3d movie. The best part of the center is the food court area where there is a play area, a ride and numerous lego building stations. My kids spent about 2 hours in this area. We did buy a few hot dogs and pretzels before leaving through the store, which is very expensive. We bought my 5 yr old a $20 game.

Overall, we had a great time. Legoland exceeded my expectations.

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